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Aug 30, 2023 Brandon Robinson

A Proven Process to Streamlining Underwriting Software Implementation

How SortSpoke's Customer Success Team Guides Your Journey

We know the implementation of any new tool can feel overwhelming.

From business cases to technical evaluations, data integration and user training, it’s a lot of steps. But don’t worry. This is where the experienced SortSpoke Customer Success team supports you at every stage. We've supported the implementation of dozens of systems in Insurance, Banking and Government spaces over the years.

SortSpoke’s CS team, led by me (Hi, I’m Brandon), is a resource that will augment your team to make sure you have the right amount of advice, guidance, and support to go from the start of the journey to the end.

Remember when Frodo had to carry that pesky ring to some scary mountain and not get clobbered by bad guys on the way? Frodo had a crew to help him. The SortSpoke CS team is your fellowship, your Sam, to get you where you are going.

Here’s what we believe makes us the right team to get you where you are going.


Every journey starts with a good map

You need to start with a good map when preparing to take a journey, whether it's a short trip across town to try that new sushi place or a summer-time road trip to see the sights. The SortSpoke CS team has that map ready for you to go from the start to the day you are using SortSpoke across your team. We’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. You’ll be comfortable because your SortSpoke guides know all the routes (even if there’s traffic).

For a deeper dive on this topic, get our free Evaluation Checklist with an 18-step decision framework.


Knowing the milestones on the way

After you consider the journey ahead, it’s crucial to be ready to measure your progress and to plan the stops you need to make along the way. From making sure your team has the lead time it needs to be ready for what’s next to critical technical integration steps and reporting on the progress to your leaders, SortSpoke’s CS team will be there to make it easy to know when these milestones should occur, but also, to make sure you check them off with ease.


Bring the right expertise for the challenges ahead

The guides you take with you on the journey are critical to the success of your trip. You need the right advice and guidance on any topic that will come up along the way. You need professionals who will have the skills to help you solve any challenges that present themselves. You need experts with experience doing the work you are setting out to do. When you have the right team beside you, nothing can stop you.


Make sure everyone is as committed to your success as you are

Everyone taking the journey needs to be as committed to how you get there just as much as making sure you get there. Remember, it's not just you working towards success – everyone's in on it. At SortSpoke, we genuinely care about making your success story happen. We're right here, excited and committed to being part of your success every step of the way.

While every journey or implementation project is unique in its own way, it is essential to remember that success is most often achieved when you focus on the process first and the results second.

When working with SortSpoke, you’ll have the right team at your side to make sure you get where you are going, that you know what the critical stops along the way are, that you have the expertise you need at every step, and know we care about getting you there the best way we can.

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