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Aug 23, 2023 SortSpoke

Enhance Legal Workflow Efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing

Leveraging Intelligent Document Processing for Document Classification and Data Extraction

In the fast-paced legal landscape, where many documents flood law firms and legal departments daily, ensuring efficiency in document handling and information extraction is more critical than ever. 

Old-school ways of handling documents are cumbersome, frustrating to use, and prone to mistakes, potentially leading to compliance issues and greater risk. This is where Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) tools like SortSpoke are used to improve how large legal documents are classified and data is extracted.


The Challenge of Complex Legal Documents

Legal teams find themselves constantly reviewing documents of all shapes and sizes. This diversity introduces significant challenges, from manual data entry errors to delayed processing times. These bottlenecks start at the document classification step because while many documents are similar, a review is required to determine precisely what type it is.

Manual processes hinder efficiency, create inconsistencies, and may lead to costly mistakes. While many technology solutions are available to address unstructured legal documents, many cannot get the job done when the variety of formats increases.

From agreements to contracts to correspondence, court filings, and even healthcare claims, your legal team already knows how to handle the complexity of the documents. What they need is a solution that augments them to make them better.


SortSpoke - Turning Unstructured Documents into Usable Data

If you’re unfamiliar with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to classify, and we call it Sorting and turn structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents into usable data.  

One of the benefits of IDP is its ability to automate manual and repetitive tasks like classification and manual data extraction so teams can focus on higher-level tasks. 

Tools like SortSpoke utilize Human-in-the-Loop Active Machine Learning, a sophisticated technology blend that combines human expertise with fast-learning ML algorithms.

By combining your teams' expertise and SortSpoke’s machine learning capabilities, you can augment the extraction of crucial information. This includes the basic document sorting and, more importantly, the valuable data found in sentences, clauses, paragraphs, and tables that span from one to hundreds of pages.


The Advantages of SortSpoke for Legal Teams

  • Handle any format

SortSpoke makes it easy to process the variety of your documents, especially when the complexity of formats is high. Not only is it easy to use, it’s easy to set up and get running because your team of legal document experts powers it.

  • Maintain the highest accuracy

We all make mistakes when typing; no matter how dedicated your team is, mistakes happen. With SortSpoke, you can give your team the best chance to get the most accurate data from every document without feeling like hard work.

  • Improve your workflow

By augmenting your team on the most challenging step in the process, getting the documents sorted and extracting the correct data out of them, you unlock the opportunity to increase the automation of your workflow. By smoothing out the roughest spot in the process, you can now look to make it even better than ever.

  • Boost team morale

Your team doesn’t love doing manual data entry. It’s no fun. Your human experts are your greatest asset, and SortSpoke helps them spend more time on fulfilling work instead of tedious data entry work. 


Embracing the Variety

Incorporating SortSpoke's IDP technology into operations marks a strategic step forward. By augmenting the classification of documents and extracting data from complex legal documents, legal teams can streamline their processes, maintain data accuracy, and improve the day-to-day life of their teams, who can now focus their time on tasks that truly require their expertise.


SortSpoke empowers legal document review teams to:

  • Accelerate document processing, saving time and resources.
  • Mitigate the risk of manual data entry errors.
  • Enhance workflows and provide opportunities for additional automation.
  • Give your experts relief from the mundane and more time to focus on critical tasks.


Investing in Your Greatest Asset

Your legal team members are your greatest asset. SortSpoke puts easy-to-use AI in the hands of your experts and gives them the power to handle even the most complex documents without breaking a sweat.

Over the years, we’ve helped legal teams process documents of all shapes and sizes, and we can do the same for you. 

What are the benefits?

  • Create audit trails and capture higher-quality data for compliance reporting
  • Recruit and retain staff by eliminating manual and redundant processes
  • No technical resources or templates required 
  • Increase document processing speed by

    4x - 10x